Know the Astral Projection Frequencies to help OBE

A conscious astral projection experience is truly an amazing and an enlightening knowledge. We see that our consciousness exists quite naturally even when entirely apart from our sometimes frail and mortal shells, but wind up hurting have though that mastering astral projection is an unachievable goal without great deal training, dedication and try out. However there are now tools available which will provide you there in a mere fraction of the time, and without extensive start doing. In the astral plane we are whole, vibrant and full of energy and we control our movements through thought and belief.

Many people knowledge this freedom when asleep, and some have mastered the skill of Astral Projection Meditation whilst conscious makes it possible for them to control their astral total body. The following method is ideal for beginners: Get yourself confident with your headphones on, and your Binaural Beats Astral Projection ready to fun. This is usually in a lying position on your bed where you will have peace and quiet and you can tense and relax all your major muscle groups individually from your toes upwards.

Feel Astralreisen in each group as you tense, and then the lovely relaxed feeling when you release the tension. Your body starts to feel safe and heavy, so be careful to fall asleep. Must your Astral Projection recording, and the gentle sounds will guide your mind quickly safely and simply to the deep meditative state essential the process. Your should now be feeling relaxed and heavy, so in contrast, turn your attention to your light and weightless Astral body you need to to feel free and easy.

Focus now through the ceiling and gently in your mind, pull yourself towards it. Your Astral body should now detach, and you may be able to look down on yourself sleeping peacefully. You can now begin your journey, notice your thoughts, should you wish to fly, just think it, believe it, and you does! Enjoy your journey and when you are ready to return, just apply the thought as well as return to your physical body. Previously, with traditional meditation techniques you would perhaps need merely for months as well years, but with Binaural Beats it’s achieve the required state much sooner.